Middle Lozoya Valley



This route runs in the Sierra Norte de Madrid, starting in the Valle Medio del Lozoya, passing through the Valle Bajo del Lozoya and ending in the Sierra del Rincón. All this corresponds to the villages that belong to the so-called Sierra Pobre de Madrid.

It is a long stage of 50 km that consists of 6 sections. The first 30 km on roads, tracks and very little road, are a warm-up to Berzosa del Lozoya and the rest are on mountain trails, canyons, valleys and hills, with steep climbs and descents.

It is a route that is not complex to navigate. The complexity lies in the occasional steep uphill and downhill slopes of some of the ramps. It does not have any trialera and the route is completely cyclable. 

Combine various types of landscapes. Pine forests such as El Pinarcillo on the banks of the Lozoya River. Several dams such as Puentes Viejas, El Tenebroso and El Villar. Tourist towns such as Buitrago del Lozoya and rural towns such as Robledillo de la Jara, Berzosa del Lozoya and Puebla de la Sierra.

From the hills and high ridges through which the route passes, you can see spectacular landscapes on all sides. Depending on the visibility of the day, you can see the Peñalara Peak, the Cuerda Larga of Madrid and even the 4 towers of the Castellana.

Special sections:

a) Exit from the walled town of Buitrago de Lozoya

b) Walk through the Pinarcillo on the banks of the river Lozoya.

c) Visit to the 3 dams

d) "Escalada" of 2 kms to Picazo

e) Progressive ascent through the Riato river canyon to the Tiesa pass.

f) Descent and passage through the passes leaving the Cabra peak to the east.

g) Descent to Puebla de la Sierra.

Distance: 50.71 km

Cumulative difference in altitude: +2.040 m / -1.885.2 m

Average slope: 7.3% / -6.1%.

Height min/med/max: 900 / 1.128 / 1.692

Max. med.duration: 5h / 6h

Technical difficulty: 3/5

Effort: 3/5

Buitrago de Lozoya

Robledillo de la Jara

Berzosa del Lozoya

Puebla de la Sierra

El Pinarcillo viewpoint

Puentes Viejas Dam

Tenebrous Dam

Villar Dam

El Villar Reservoir Rest Area

Portillejo pass (1,341m)

El Picazo (1,392m)

La Tiesa pass (1,667m)

Cerro de las Cabezas (1.562m)

Collado Larda (1,395m)

Peña la Cabra (1.831m)

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