La Acebeda



This is the last stage of the route and no less interesting for that. It is a stage of almost 57 km and is made up of 7 sections. It is made up of three main parts. The first part is for climbers, as there are three mountain passes to climb, the second part is mountainside and through forests, and the third part is downhill and leg-breaking.

The difficulty is low but it is intense in terms of effort. You cycle along well marked paths and trails, favouring the navigation of the stage. There are three climbs that require concentration, balance and strength. You ride through hillsides between pine trees with spectacular climbs and descents.

This stage starts in La Acebeda and covers a large part of "La Horizontal". You have to climb three passes; La Acebeda, Arcones and La Linera. It has an intense and leg-breaking 12km loop at the end for a good souvenir.

Special sections:

a) It has no significant complex navigational sections.

b) Ascents to the mountain passes of La Acebeda, Arcones and La Linera.

c) Descent to the Cancho Litero waterfall, paying special attention to km 2 of the Linera pass due to the difference in altitude.

d) Ascent and descent of the crossroads from the Cancho to the Collado del Espino

e) 12kms loop from Las Cabezas to Villavieja del Lozoya.

Possible atrocities:

a) between pks 13 and 15 there are 3 possible atroches by firebreak to go directly down to Las Cabezas saving the Linera pass and up to 15 kms.

b) at pk 41 take direction Villavieja del Lozoya to avoid the 12km San Mamés loop.

Distance: 57.1 km

Accumulated difference in altitude: +2.079m / -2.370m

Average slope: 5.9% / -6.5%.

Height min/med/max: 952 / 1.438 / 1.822

Max. med.duration: 5:00h / 6:00h

Technical difficulty: 2/5

Effort: 3/5

La Acebeda

San Mames

Villavieja del Lozoya

Buitrago del Lozoya (End of route)

Port of Arcones

Port of La Linera (1.821)

Cancho Litero waterfall

Collado El Espino (1.733)

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