Sierra del Rincón



It is a very hard and long stage, almost 50 km long and made up of 6 sections. It has two big passes to climb, the Collado del Salinero next to the Cerro del Morro and the Collado del Mosquito. In between the typical trails of La Hiruela and the Hayedo de Montejo.

It is a stage that has everything in terms of difficulty, effort, type of terrain, landscapes, adventure, navigation, picturesque sites, and even some high mountain sections that may have to be done on foot. 

This stage runs entirely in the Sierra del Rincón and passes through the most characteristic places of the area such as the Collado del Salinero, Cerro del Morro, La Hiruela and its charming paths, the Hayedo de Montejo de la Sierra and the Collado del Mosquito.

The 360º views are spectacular at all times and you cross all kinds of forests, valleys, canyons, peaks, hills and peaks.

Special sections:

a) It has some points that require attention to navigation (pk, 11.9, 19 and 22.6).

b) There is a genuine high mountain section of 1.1 km between the Collado de El Salinero and the Cerro del Morro.

c) A technical descent of "hell" called la Povedas del Cerro del Morro a la Hiruela of 1.5 kms.

d) The 5 somewhat technical picturesque trails and the Molino de la Hiruela

e) The Montejo Beech Forest

f) The endless climb to the Collado del Mosquito.

Possible atrocities:

a) in la Hiruela if you don't want to do one of the trails and go directly along the Senda del Molino a Molino towards el Cardoso. 

b) at the Puerto de El Cardoso, if you don't want to climb the Collado del Mosquito, you can go directly to Montejo de la Sierra and save 12 kms.

Distance: 49.6 km

Cumulative difference in altitude: +2,058.9 m / -2,073 m

Average slope: 7.0% / -7.0%.

Height min/med/max: 1.110 / 1.390 / 1.837

Max. med.duration: 5:30h / 6:307h

Technical difficulty: 4/5

Effort: 4/5

Puebla de la Sierra

La Hiruela

El Cardoso

Horcajuelo de la Sierra

Montejo de la Sierra

Prádena del Rincón

Collado de las Palomas (1.603)

Viewpoint Camino Egido

El Salinero pass (1.577)

Cerro del Morro (1,533)

Senda Fuente Lugar

Path of the Mill

La Hiruela Mill

Path of the Trades of Life

Hermitage of Our Lady of Lourdes

Senda de la Era (towards pila de Riego)

Irrigation Stack

Mill to Mill Trail

Montejo beech forest

Beechwood Recreation Area

El Cardoso Pass (1,352)

Collado del Mosquito (1.837)

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