Puerto de Somosierra



This is the highest stage of the route, both in average and maximum altitude. It is a stage of almost 50 km that is made up of 5 sections. It is made up of three main parts, the first part is the ascent to the Pico Tres Provincias (Madrid, Guadalajara and Segovia), the second part goes through Somosierra and starts the "La Horizontal" route, and the third part is around La Acebeda. 

The difficulty is low but is increased by the effort required to climb Tres Provincias and Puerto de la Acebeda. It is cycled on well-marked paths and tracks, making the stage easier to navigate. 

This stage starts in the Sierra del Rincón and ends in the Valle Medio del Lozoya. It reaches the highest peak of the route, the so-called Tres Provincias (2,122m). It crosses the well-known Puerto de Somosierra and follows the beginning of the "Horizontal" path to La Acebeda.

Special sections:

a) It has some points that require attention to navigation (pk, 2.7-4.45 - Minas de Horcajuelo area).

b) 10 km climb at an average gradient of 8% and a maximum of 24% to Tres Provincias

c) Initial 4km descent up to 25% gradient of Tres Provincias

(d) Fern meadow at the beginning of the Horizontal

e) 300m ascent to the Acebeda pass

f) Very steep double descent from Puerto de la Acebeda to La Acebeda.

 Possible atrocities:

a) at pk 7.7 go straight along the mountainside until the ramp down to Somosierra (you miss the Tres Provincias).

b) at km 40.4 go straight down to the Acebeda (you miss the Acebeda pass).

Distance: 49.8 km

Cumulative difference in altitude: +1.889m / -1.776m

Average slope: 5.9% / -5.7%.

Height min/med/max: 1.138 / 1.604 / 2.122

Max. med.duration: 5:00h / 6:00h

Technical difficulty: 3/5

Effort: 4/5

Horcajuelo de la Sierra

Montejo de la Sierra

Prádena del Rincón

Puerto de Somosierra

La Acebeda

Silver Mines

Collado Majada Teresa (1,577m)

Cerro del Recuenco (2,083m)

Three Provinces Peak (2,121m)

Road "La Horizontal".

La Acebeda Pass (1,687m)

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